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Beer tasting, do believe the hype

Being Belgian, it’s no surprise once in a while I dig a nice refreshing beer. In my wonderful beer brewing country there’s an abundance of café’s, breweries and beer festivals to visit where you can taste the best craft beers in the world. Recently beers are also being incorporated more into gastronomy. It’s no longer uncommon to have a craft beer with your dinner at a restaurant, which is awesome.

Beer tasting

However, this beer frenzy is not limited to Belgium. In the US for example, brews like Heineken, which us Belgians by the way detest, are slowly taking a back seat while craft beers take over. And in Japan a yearly Belgian Beer Weekend is organized, amazing!

Beware though, a lot of the taste of a good beer depends on how you drink it. Here are some simple steps to make sure you do it right:

Beer tasting
  • Don't serve your beer too cold
    This could blank out some of its taste and could ruin your tasting experience. Pull your beer out of the fridge around 15 minutes before taking your first sip of it.
  • Pour the beer into a glass
    Pouring your beer into a glass releases its aromas, as well as the CO2, making it a lot easier to get the full flavor of the beer to come through.
  • Smell your beer
    Just as you would with a glass of wine, you should smell the aromas of your beer. Your sense of smell is important in informing your taste palate.
  • Swirl the beer
    Discover if it's a sweet or more of a bitter beer by taking a sip of it and swirling it around in your mouth before swallowing it.
  • Explore the finish of the beer
    Explore the finish by pausing in-between sips to see if its after-taste pleases you.

Lastly, you decide if you like the beer and keep on drinking it, or you taste another one. Afterwards you can pretend to be a proper beer connaisseur, host a beer tasting yourself and introduce your friends to your favorite new beers. Fun times guaranteed!