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Food! We LOVE food. Come join our community of foodies and share your creativity with other like-minded peeps.

Personalized Pizzas

Personally, I'm always up for a nice pizza, as it's one of my favourite foods. I love a good pizza from our local Italian but I enjoy making them myself too. With a prepared dough at hand making homemade pizza is easy as pie and a quick dinner any night of the week. Personalise your pizza by topping it with your favourite things and don't be afraid to experiment a little.

Parma pizza

Here are some of my favourite pizza toppings to get you inspired. Do try this at home!

  • Pizza Parma

Begin by putting a lot of parmigiana regiano on your pizza base. Next, think about adding your favourite kind of ham. I love myself some good dry-cured ham. For a pizza topping prosciutto di parma is my favourite. Don't hold back on the Parma guys, it will give your pizza loads of flavour. Add some thinly sliced red onion for even more flavour. A nice finishing touch: top your baked pizza off with a handful of fresh arugula. Its peppery flavour is powerful enough to stand up against the salty ham.

  • Surf and turf

Seafood pizza can either be incredibly tasty or just shit. Making it yourself, you can add your favourite seafood. I like a topping of cooked prawns but they don't pack a lot of flavour by themselves. That's why adding some strongly flavoured meat to the mix will lift it to another level. Surf and turf can be great if done right! I like to add in some chorizo, which is nice and spicy. In the end, try topping your surf and turf pizza off with some fresh baby spinach. This adds another flavour and gives your pizza more colour.

  • Grilled veggies
veggie pizza

Lastly here's a veggie topping for all our vegetarians out there who would love some alternative to your boring margherita. Grilling vegetables adds a nice smoky flavour and will get rid of their moisture so your pizza dough won't go soggy. Veggies such as zucchini, red and green pepper, eggplant, artichoke, and even potato slices can be incredibly tasty on a pizza. But beware, you have to make sure to season it right, otherwise it will turn out a bit blank. Adding some speciality goat's cheese adds another flavour dimension and gives your veggie pizza a little more depth.

So, get cracking guys and discover your own go-to toppings!